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About Us

PT. NAMI is a company engaged in the field of Automation, Robotics, IT, and Electrical. Established to provide our expertise especially in the field of ROBOTICS and AUTOMATION systems for industrial manufacturing processes. PT NAMI is dedicated to serve our customers with reliable and affordable industrial plant. We help our customers by lowering costs while improving quality and safety with commitment to a better future. Our specialization in the field of robotics and automation systems will provide ideal designs, engineering, installation, supply, maintenance and repairs. A total package with a complete one-stop solution and the concept of integration approach in saving our customers time and costs.

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Becoming Leading Company in Robotics and Automation


To provide integrated and reliable solution for high quality, fast time and safety of process and products





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Our Fields

PT. NAMI is a company which is focusing on four major fields: Factory Automation System, Industrial mobile robot, IT & Electtical. Factory Automation Systems is a full service systems integrator that provides turnkey automation solutions to manufacturing companies. Our core competencies include design and implementation of solutions with programmable controllers, manufacturing information systems, drives, motion control and robotic systems. We deliver automation systems to customers from diverse industries – building products, metals, automotive, food processing, consumer products, chemicals and more.We are the tech-based company that explores the world of automation and robotics to meet the global growing of demand and supply. We also grows specialization in designing, manufacturing and consistently improving Automated Guided Vehicles (AGV) system for various kinds of industrial and commercial use. We inspire to be a leading company in the globe in the field of designing and manufacturing of AGV. Our brand is called iiAGV (industrial intelligent AGV). PT. NAMI is at the forefront of the smart building transformation, providing the IoT technologies necessary to Connect, Secure and Monetize a new breed of efficient, sustainable smart building applications. We work with a wide variety of ecosystem partners - from architects and facility managers to mobile network operators and governments - to accelerate the expansion of smart building technology. By leveraging the core competencies we works to further develop the smart building ecosystem and integrate connected buildings into the fabric of smart cities to advance convenience, efficiency and sustainability.​

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